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Jul 31, 2018

How It Works!


Edited: Aug 2, 2018

Every month will place an easter egg somewhere in one of our 157 page website. Your task is simple, be the first to find it and you win!




1) How does the Easter egg look like?

The easter egg is a button, However the shape, size, content and colour will differ! It could even be right here! ------------> <------------- But it's not!


2) How many Easter eggs will be there during this event?

Only One!


3) How would I know if I've found it?

The Easter Egg is a clickable button, Click on it and it will link you to a "Congratulations Page" with a "Winner ID number"! Copy the number and be the first member to post the winner ID number on the relevant Easter Egg Hunt Forum! will verify the Winner ID number and contact you directly to give you your Free giveaway! *Ensure that your Account settings have been updated with your contact details.


4) Do i have to pay to enter this Event?

No, This Event is completely free to all members of this website.


5) Do I have to Register for this Event?

No, A forum indicating the start of a new event will pop up every month under the "Website Easter Egg Hunt Category" Keep an eye out and have a head start!


6) What are the prizes?

The prizes range from free bouncy castles worth $600 to an iphone!


7) When does the event end?

If no one has found the easter egg the event will continue to the next month until the easter egg is found! There will only be one easter egg on the site at any point of time!


Good luck and have fun!