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Carnival Rides

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Carnival Rides

Contact at Sales 87727343 / 87727344, to enquire Now! or alternatively drop us an E-mail at for your very own Carnival Rides!

Carnival Rides

Animal Rides.jpg
Animatronic Dinosaurs.jpg
Battery Aeroplanes.jpg
Battery Go Karts.jpg
Battery Jeeps.jpg
Bumper F1 Cars.jpg
Cartoon Train.jpg
Chair Swing.jpg
Chasing Cars.jpg
City Train.jpg
Ferris Wheel.jpg
Flying Carpet.jpg
Heli Jet.jpg
Horse Carousel Junior.jpg
Horse Carousel Regular.jpg
Horse Carousel Deluxe.jpg
Horse Carousel Royal.jpg
Mini Pirate Ship.jpg
Ocean Carousel.jpg
Pirate Carousel.jpg
Robotic Rides.jpg
Rocking Train.jpg
Tea Cup.jpg

Tea Cup

Trackless Train.jpg
Wave Car.jpg
Coming Soon

Double Story Carousel

Coming Soon

Mini Roller Coaster

Why Choose

At, we're committed to providing the best prices in Singapore. That's why we're offering you our PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE! Here are 7 other reasons why we are the best choice!

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Our Staff are always friendly with a pleasant smile.

Understanding Your Needs

We can customize our packages and services based on your needs.


We can support you anywhere within Singapore, even if you're on a yacht at the edge of the border!


Our responses to your enquiries are lightning fast!


Our Staff are the best at what they do!

Innovative are continually innovating and creating new concepts to provide added value to our customers.


Punctuality is the key to your event running smoothly. That's why at we heavily emphasize punctuality and arrive half an hour earlier!

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