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Games we have that you must not miss at all!

When you are out on Google to search for carnival games in Singapore or game booth rental Singapore, you might see alot of table top games, event games booth or many that you have to pick. 

It may be difficult for you so, here we are. FUNFAIR SG has the recommendations for you we can offer!

Here are the top 5 games for your recommendation.

1) Claw Machine

claw machine singapore.jpeg

Claw machines is perfect to challenge your luck on winning prizes such as tickets, toys and many collectible items of your choice. By far the most requested among our clients and customers to bring up the spirit of winning.

It can be simply customized to your design (we have a designer to design your machines) and you can show it off to your competitors or surprise your loved ones with their image on it to show how much you love them. 

Tag: Claw machine rental Singapore, cheap claw machines.

2) Bishi Bashi Arcade Machines


We call it the GOAT (Greatest of All Times) machine due to it's fondness in arcade shops when it was abundant back in the 2000s. 

We've played this with our friends and family throughout the decades competing with each other for who's the best BISHI BASHI master!

It's great to have on various events such as corporate events and public showcases because this game tests everyone who quick witted and patient they are. 

Would you be having these on your events? To answer your question, YES!

Tag: Bishi Bashi Arcade rental, Arcade machine rental Singapore, competitive arcade machines rental

3) Sharp shooter

Sharp Shooter (1).jpg

It's not a contest! Or maybe it is if you would love a very competitive shooter gameplay among your friends, family and colleagues.

The Sharp Shooter is always a staple among the event community for it's simple and competitive fun for accuracy and patience while being reasonably priced. 

This Sharp Shooter game promotes a healthy competition and it's great for people who loves shooting guns. We of course, use a Nerf gun for a safe environment.

Tag: Sharp Shooter arcade game Singapore. Sharp shooter game rental, Sharp shooter carnival game

4) Troll face game

Bank A Ball.jpg

This meme has been around for a decade. THE TROLL!

Everyone hates the troll and it makes you want to throw something at him.
The point of this game is luck and tenacity. The more ball you throw at the Troll face, the more you would be happier. 

That is not all, you still have to land the ball onto the basket. If all balls landed in the basket, you'll get a prize. If you don't the troll face meme will keep laughing at you till you sleep! (We are not literally serious on that!)

Still, it's a great addition to your events for the meme!

Tag: Ball throwing game rental, Ball throwing game Singapore, meme event game arcade

5) Ring toss game

Ring toss.jpg

Last but not least of our game recommendations is the ring toss. Yes you can do it yourselves with a bunch of bottles but how do you make it hard for your friends, and event goers to place a ring in one of these bottles?

Famous for being the hardest game out of all carnival games, if you can land three rings in any of the bottles, you get a prize out of it!

(Prizes not included, prize items seperate purchase)

Thank you for reading our newsletter and we hope you can bring out the best in out of your events!

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