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How did carnival first started?

Do you know? 

Catholic religion started the first carnival in the world! 

Catholics are not supposed to eat meat during Lent, they called their festival, carnevale — which means “to put away the meat.” 

As time passed, carnivals in Italy became quite famous; and in fact the practice spread to France, Spain, and all the Catholic countries in Europe. Then as the French, Spanish, and Portuguese began to take control of the Americas and other parts of the world, they brought with them their tradition of celebrating carnival.

So that how carnival first started! 

And in Singapore, we have our own carnival events, providing carnival rides, carnival game booth rental, live food stations, bouncy castle and many more! 

Carnival is a event where everyone gathers and have fun together. At the current era, we are all stuck with the smart technology. Everyone have been using phones and computers, spending most of the time working. We all know Singapore is a small city hence there isn't much things to do. 

How about Having a carnival events for your own birthday parties? In fact It can be any occasion, company dinner and dance, road shows, exhibition fairs, private events etc. 

We hope to see you for your next event! 

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